Monday, July 31, 2006

Reading about Money

Learning how to make money

One of the best ways I have found to learn about making money on-line or any other place is to learn about how money works.

I grew up learning that money only came through hard work. But looking around the richest people in town did not appear to be working that hard.

In Christopher Westra's new book I create Millions, he list 87 ways to bring more money into your life. Lesson number 50 is about reading books about money.

One of the first he recommends is Wallace Waddles The Science of Getting Rich. This book changed my whole philosophy on making money.

Start there and I will let you know more about the books I am reading.

Unique ways to earn money

My research into income opportunities has shown me many unique ways to earn money.

One of my favorite blogs on the subject is

They talk about all kinds of crazy stuff that has made millions for people. Stuff like Wedding insurance, dog manikins, lost airline baggage and much more. check 'em out and see if you can be inspired too.

Income opportunities worth millions

income opportunities worth millions

One of the things I have done to learn about finding income opportunities is to read about people who have successfully found high income opportunities and acted on them successfully.

I am currently reading the biography of Sam Walton. He started his huge business with a simple 5 & 10 cent store.

I have also studied Henry ford and Thomas Edison. I have been able to learn something from each person I studied.

The main difference I see between those who have been successful and those who worked for them are the ideas that each of them had. There own vision of themselves made the difference.

Income opportunities are all around us, we just have to learn to recognize them.
Income Opportunities

In this blog I will chart my progress in my quest for proven income opportunities.

For many years I worked as an engineer in the corporate world. After being left behind when the big corporation decided to change it goals, I have set out on a quest to establish an executive income home based business.

I tried a stint in sales but after I realized I did not know anything about sales, I have spent my time carefully studying the subject.

I have found that 99.99% or maybe more of the business world has this sales idea backward. They develop a product then look for a market. I have found through my research that what really successful people who find high income business opportunities are the ones who know what people want and then find a product that gives that to them.

But I am still getting ahead of myself. Before pursuing any earn extra income opportunity you must first work on your own mental and spiritual condition.

Have you ever noticed how some people seems to be drawn to money? They just seem to be lucky finding proven income opportunities.

That difference is what is called the Law of attraction and it works for all of us to bring us either riches, debt or just getting along. How we think determines how we perceive a new online income opportunity and how we act on that perception.