Thursday, November 16, 2006

EFT Worked for me

EFT works for me
Yesterday I listened to a Taped conversation between Joe Vitale and Brad Yates. They were discussing how to use EFT to clear marketing and sales copy writing blocks. I have studied EFT before and have used it from time to time on things like sinus problems and headaches but I have never really tried to use it on performance issues.
The main EFT website is located here. There you can download a brief overview of what EFT is and how to locate the tapping points.
Last night I used EFT to help me write a new sales copy for the The words flowed easily after my session. Then today I have noticed a spike in sales already. I attribute this more to the EFT than to the new sales copy.
To understand what I mean by this go to Carol Tuttle's site and look for her money clearing demo. Click here.



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